the boys X factor performance yesterday at the 6 chair challenge

  "How old is Andy?"

I don’t know i think he’s 19 but I’m not sure




my crush since i was 9 hello

he be cute oooh. he looks exotic

He’s greek. Actually just layed in the sun too much for too long hahah

hello😏😏 get in maria

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  "Who do you think would be the most romantic?"

hmm idk ollie seems quite cute as when him and amelia are together he’s really sweet to her but i think jordi might idk


Ryry and Dan na We Heart It.

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you can ask us any question and we’ll answer it to the best we can



#joeydevries #olliegarland #overload

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  "I've seen a lot on twitter about 'oldaloaders' and I was wondering what it was and how I can be apart of it? Are you apart of it?"

oldaloaders is a group of old fans (hence the name) who have formed a friendship due to the boys, I am a member but I’m not in the chat nor have I been for a couple of months now and there are 23 of us, and I’m sorry that you can’t added as it would feel awkward for everyone in the chat as they’re so close and they just want to stick to them however we are friendly people and if you want to talk to any of us you can in other chats or on dm’s or whatever but just not in the oldaloader chat